DIY Mini Envelopes

mini envelope titleAny DIY that uses up materials you already have and that can be used in any number of useful projects is a winner in my book. All this takes is tracing paper, scissors, a ruler, and a pencil! Since sharing my Save the date project I thought I’d share my process for making the mini envelopes I used to hold our info cards. There are more exact ways to create your own envelopes (for instance using a template like this) but if you’re willing to try it free hand in exchange for saving some dollars, follow along!

mini envelope1Step 1: I measured my tracing paper about 8×8 inches and cut out the squares. This was to hold 3×4 cards so if you want to make the envelopes larger, just double the length of the longest end of your card.

mini envelope2Step 2: You’ll need a piece of cardstock to create a fold and to crease the flaps on either side.

Step 3: Create a crease for the bottom fold and then place a thin line of glue on the side flaps where the bottom flap will overlap. Carefully secure the bottom flap and use a pencil or other instrument to flatten and smooth out the glued portions.

mini envelope3Step 4: After the glue dries fold and crease the top flap. Secure with a piece of washi tape or leave open. That’s all it takes! Easy right?


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