#natanyayogadailyDuring times of transition and uncertainty I always find solace in my yoga practice. It’s during the times when things are easeful and going well that I’m apt to lapse and slide into the mindset that I can skip a practice… or three… or ten. But when things are feeling particularly stressful I know that the best remedy involves my bare feet, a sticky mat, and a deep breath. Yoga attunes the mind as much as the body and I’ve come to rely on the early morning (or late night) moments to find my emotional center. Some days recently I’ve woken tired and cranky and it’s been hard to get out of my warm bed to face the day. The last thing I want to do is get up to spend 20 minutes on the mat when I could press snooze instead. But being accountable to show up has been such a blessing.

If you follow me on Instagram (@natanyahaviva) you’ve noticed I’ve been posting pics of my yoga practice and tagging them with the #natanyayogadaily hashtag. Sharing my daily practice has become not just an enjoyable ritual, but a major support as well.

In the next month or so Simeon and I are planning on downgrading our phones. No more iPhone means no more Instagram. Though IG is usually a giant time suck for me (one that I very much enjoy), I will especially miss sharing my personal hashtag posts, #natanyayogadaily and #simandnatgetmarried.

Perhaps I’ll find another way to share those special updates here on the blog. In the meantime though we haven’t downgraded yet! For now I’m updating regularly at @natanyahaviva.


One thought on “#natanyayogadaily

  1. klgmdc says:

    Nat: why give up your iPhones? Why not just get unlocked 4S that doesn’t require a contract? Earlier models are cheap all over eBay and other tech transfer sites.

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