Post-work celebration

Yesterday marked the end of a marathon work week that lasted straight through the holiday weekend. Over the past few months my office has planning, prepped, hosted, directed, facilitated, and cleaned up after the Senior Retreat weekend – a 3+ day event for the senior class. It was a great weekend and I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished but I was e x h a u s t e d at day’s end. After yesterday’s final activity to wrap up the craziness my boss took the team out for drinks at our local pizza joint. It was so nice to kick back with my office crew and enjoy a moment to celebrate our work but also to enjoy each other’s company.

I’m so lucky to have had work environments my entire career in which I really enjoy the people with whom I work. I think it’s because relationships take top priority in my life. I’ve always said that I could be happy doing almost anything if I had a great team to do it with. I learned that early on in my internship at Kripalu. There was a lot of menial work to attend to but my year there ended up being one of the most important of my life. And it had very little to do with the work I was doing.

6 months ago, I didn’t quite know what to make of the personalities I was to be working with. I could see it was going to take time to figure out. Today, I’m so happy to be working with a boss that I truly admire and greatly respect and look up to in many ways. Last night, as she and I were nearly finishing each other’s sentences, I had an ah-ha moment as I recognized just how much she respects and acknowledges me as well. I have to say, it felt good.

I’ve learned so much from my supervisors in this job. Commitment, work ethic, strategy, dedication, organization, planning… I wish I had more time to soak up their energy, drive, and spreadsheet skills. For now, I’m grateful for the time I’ve had and acknowledge a lot of my learning will take time to unpack over the next months and years. As it always does.


2 thoughts on “Post-work celebration

  1. Elizabeth Reinhart says:

    Tanya, How wonderful that you have come to this realization so early in your working life!

    Love you always, Lizzie

    PS Lenny sends his love. Elizabeth Karen Reinhart Sent from my iPhone


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