My secret to success

Redefine SuccessI was scrolling through Instagram and paused at a picture of an entrepreneur that inspires me and whose business success I would LOVE to emulate one day. She was advertising a new blog post she had just published that defined the secrets to her success.

A flood of thoughts came to me then. The secrets to MY success.
First, a disclaimer of sorts:
I don’t have a big business (I have big hopes and dreams)
I don’t make six figures (I make my LIFE)
I don’t have it all figured out (I have just enough)
I don’t have a “killer body” (I have sex appeal)
I don’t have it all (I have all I need)
The secret to my success? Redefining success. I am successful because I am trying. Because I made it to this point. Because I care about living a full, delicious life. Because I begin again. And again. And again… I am a success because there are days that I struggle and days that I overcome and one without the other would be a less rich life. I am thankful for inspiration in the women I follow online and InRealLife and yet, I need sweet gentle kick-ass reminders (like this one) that I am doing just fine. Oh yes, just fine.
No matter what my income says, no matter what my reflection in the mirror looks like, no matter how many IG followers I have or how many “pins” are re-pinned. No matter how many people come to my wedding or my funeral, no matter whether I win big or go home, I am a success and everyday that I remember that, well, it’s a day I’ll call a success.

2 thoughts on “My secret to success

  1. Lynne Wallace says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your Re-definition. Your words very often inspire with authenticity, directness and soul!

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