5 things I’m loving now


♥ Loving the band Milk Carton Kids (Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan). Their song Snake Eyes always pops up in my Pandora rotation. I’m a fan.

♥ Free coffee at work. I love getting into my office, hanging up my coat, putting away my bag, washing out my mug, filling it up with coffee and settling down to email. This small ritual announces the start to the morning and gives me a chance to say hello/good morning to my work mates. I love rituals and this has become a lovely way to begin the day.

♥ Simeon took a day off last week to spend up in Vermont with me. So happy to have more time. Being apart is hard. Really hard. Harder than I expected. So any extra time together is magic.

♥ I have a clue as to what I’ll be doing for work this Spring. What a relief! (More explanation to come)…

♥ J.Crew wedding sales! A recent 25% off sale store wide meant my ladymaids got a good deal on their wedding duds. Grateful the girls got a chance to score quality for less money.

This weekend has been so delightful so far. Karaoke, sleeping in, fresh brewed coffee, a long walk in the woods, home popped popcorn with peanut butter and honey, movie watching with my sweetie, inspiration galore, snuggles with the kitty, celebrating family, and now off to a day filled with the best kinds of friends. I’m so lucky.

Have a good one!


Photo above taken by my friend, Sage Ober-Rock. And I wholeheartedly agree. On another note, big love to Sage on getting married this weekend!!


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