Thoughts for a Wednesday: The start of a new chapter

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Sometimes all it takes is a special note left on the table, a home-brewed cup of coffee, the pitter-pat of spring rain, orange tulips nesting near the window, and long-overdue time with my love to remember just how blessed I am. The stress of yet another major transition has been taking its toll and I’ve been feeling unlike myself for the past couple months. But today! Today is a new day. Today is my last day at work and I am at turns, sorrowful, delighted, stressed, eager, regretful, and at peace. What a jumble!

Moving on takes diligence, and it’s not been the easiest thing to let go of the once-perfect path I had set out for myself last fall. But there is so much to look forward to; especially with the feeling that there is something even more perfect for me yet ahead. Plus, I’ve got that thing called a wedding to plan! Finally I can tackle those invitations that have been patiently waiting my attention… and the programs! the flowers! the dress! the rings! the décor!

52 days to go!!!



3 thoughts on “Thoughts for a Wednesday: The start of a new chapter

    1. Natanya Green says:

      Thanks, girl. Yes, we totally we need to catch up.. Things are bananas over here, but in a good way I think! Let me know if you ever want to come to the Hartford area soon for some wedding crafting 😉

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