I’m running late (again). I’m trying, really trying, not to speed when someone cuts in front of me and drives slowly, reallly slowwwwly (thank you/hate you). I finally get to the destination only to realize I’ve left the critical element behind  (book, wallet, phone, cash, card, pesky account number…).

Some aspects of my life hit a tipping point and suddenly, like magic, everything related to that aspect is cursed. From an extremely awkward phone call to any kind of random snafu, there are certain situations/people/jobs that carry a weird magnetization for things going wrong. It’s not just once either. It’s day after day, month after month of off kilter-ness, slight uneasiness, silent drudgery-ness…that turns into utter and bitter Resistance.

This is probably easily explained by a simple self-fulfilling prophecy. The more that things go wrong, the more I harp on the wrongness, and thus, the more “wrong” I attract to my experience of said thing (situation/person/job) in question.

Have you ever noticed this phenomenon?

The good news is that positive experiences can be just as magnetic, if not more so. Thus, my challenge is to remember in those cursed moments, something simple to appreciate with the goal of distracting my mind from brewing on the wrongness of whatever is in front of me. Instead, I can gratefully focus my limited attention on anything, ANYTHING else. What lovely green grass. What a nice looking person. What amazing fortitude to hit that green light…and another! I can always count on the sun rising tomorrow. Isn’t it amazing that the earth spins on an axis?! I love candlelight. And songs I can sing along to in the car with the windows down. A picnic would be fun. We should go check out that overlook spot in the park. Maybe bring a picnic and watch the sunset! Or sunrise! Mmmm…

Ah…freedom from the cursed experience is just a thought (or two or seventeen) away. I really needed this reminder today. What about you?


2 thoughts on “Cursed

  1. Natanya Green says:

    Ugh, I know the feeling…sometimes it reaches the point of no return. And then, for better or for worse, that cursed aspect of life is gone…and the orderly, fun, happy, and productive parts of life fill in the void!

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