Bridesmaid cards



bridesmaidcardsbridesmaidscardsOnce we completed our Save the Dates using Project Life 3×4 cards, I was hooked. These pre-designed, high-quality cards were so easy to use and I enjoyed playing around within the size and design limitation to fit my needs. So I put it upon myself to make them work for another wedding need: “will you be my bridesmaid?” cards.

I really wanted to send a something special to the six girlfriends who I was calling upon to support me in the wedding and all the craziness magic leading up to it. It could have been a simple card asking just, “will you be my bridesmaid?” but I thought why not take the opportunity to include more information and expectations? I really liked what Elise did with her cards back in 2009 and was inspired to make something similar.

bridesmaidscards0The first step was to select cards that would flow together nicely with enough white space to fit all the information I wanted to include. The Midnight edition core kit cards were ideal. Neutral enough colors with the perfect amount of spunk and glamour. I wasn’t sure how my printer would adapt to printing on such small paper so I tried out an idea that luckily worked incredibly well. I adjusted the content on an 8.5×11 spread in Photoshop, adhered the cards to a piece of copy paper using washi tape and then sent the whole thing through the printer. Voila! Perfect printing on each individual card. (Also incredibly efficient!). That feeling of a crazy idea working? Total high. I put the completed cards in a handmade glassine envelope (just like the save the dates) and tucked that into small white envelopes I had on hand. I finished off with stamps from Whitney Rae Paper (banner, custom address, and I love us) and a strip of gold washi tape. Pretty much everything I used to complete this project I already owned. #fistpump

Here’s the spread as each bridesmaid saw it:

bridesmaidcards1I just loved that how well that hello speech bubble related to my theme. It had to go first.

bridesmaidcards2On the reverse side I printed each girl’s name and the main point of the whole thing, will you be my bridesmaid?

The second page had the list of all six girls and their email addresses so they could easily begin communicating about wedding details since not everyone knew one another.

bridesmaidcards3Page three addressed (probably) the most important question for any bridesmaid. What to wear! My take on bridesmaid dresses is that wearing the same dress has become a thing of the past (thank god) and that everyone should wear whatever fits their body–and their wallet–best. After having absolutely NO CLUE what our wedding color scheme would be and thus, no idea what to tell my girls what color to wear, I finally landed on the world’s most favorite color – blue! In any shade! Done. I love those rare moments of being practical. Wedding color scheme still tbd. aka ALL THE COLORS.

bridesmaidscards4Next up – the parties – which detailed what they need to attend and when. Nothing crazy, mostly “normal” stuff like rehearsal dinner and the wedding shower if they live in the area. Recently, the rehearsal dinner plans changed from what I wrote, but no big deal. The true up to date information is in the formal invitation anyway.

bridesmaidscards5Had to include a page about DIY-ing and about how stoked I am to have the personal touches at the wedding, but ESPECIALLY that I promised not to go nuts or become Bridezilla about it. So far so good. 🙂 

It was so fun to put this project together, and the response I got was so sweet and positive. It’s so fun to know these were appreciated because I sure do appreciate the recipients!



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