A dozen ways to say I love you


One of my words for this year is “Generous” and I’ve been thinking lately about all the ways I find myself doling out the love to the special people in my life. Generously loving. That’s the theme of this year. As I brainstormed even more fun ways to express my love for my partner and friends, I thought you might enjoy this list too! So, here are a random 12 ways to show your affection to someone special in your life. Try one, or try them all!

♥ Send snail mail.

♥ Buy them flowers for no reason.

♥ Share treats. Extra cookies will do.

♥ Leave a love note on their wind shield.

♥ Use your phone to actually call them just to say hi.

♥ Have their favorite foods ready when they come to visit.

♥ Make them a CD of tunes that remind you of them and send it to them.

♥ Or better yet, make a CD of tunes you want to dedicate to them and play it for them in person.

♥ Compliment them on something you wouldn’t ordinarily compliment them on.

♥ Make a pocket-sized scrapbook of some of your favorite adventures together and give it to them.

♥ Plan your next great adventure together over a pot of coffee or cup of tea. Your treat.

♥ Ask them what they need most in that moment. You might be surprised…xoxo



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