May goals

May goals

We’re 44 days away from the wedding. Just that fact is overshadowing most everything else in life at this point – in a very sweet and wonderful way. But I really don’t want to forget myself and the rest of my life in the planning and general chaos of the countdown. And yes, of course I’ve started counting down the days already. #savemefrommyself

♥ Gratitude journal | I’ve turned a corner recently in my mental state and I want to continue to good vibes as long as possible by writing down the things that happen day to day that I’m grateful for and appreciate. I haven’t done Things I Love Thursday posts in a while and I’d like to bring them back.

Spend time outside | The spring we’ve ached over has finally really truly arrived. There’s no better time to make a commitment to the outdoors than now. I can see myself getting really into running in the future by right now I’d call it a win with a few walks per week. Also, I have to admit… I bought a cat leash to take little MO-cat outside with me. I’m not comfortable letting her roam freely with a couple major intersections not too far away and I’ve heard it’s actually not that crazy to take a cat on a walk so we’ll see. Personally, I think she’s going to be too distracted by being outside in the first place to notice she’s attached to a harness. Am I nuts? Stay tuned to find out!

♥ Soak up my last month as a bachelorette | I’m not entirely sure what this entails but I know it includes thoughtful reflection and journaling, some quality time with my girlfriends (lots of future fun planned!!). Sim and I have started a couple conversations about what being married will mean for our relationship: what will it change about us and how we relate to each other and I’d like to dive even deeper into those topics with him. Probably over a glass of wine.


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