Things I love Thursday

The sun came out this week! What else could I be more grateful for than that? 😉

Even though today is cloudy and threatening rain, I’m feeling the spring vibe big time and celebrating in small ways all the renewal that this season brings.


♥ Organized and put up a gallery wall in our living space and it improved the whole room tremendously. I love that so many of our images are ones gifted or made. It’s a special scene.

♥ I also bought materials for a long narrow plant stand to go under one of the big windows. While I wait for the table legs to arrive in the mail, the top is resting on a few book piles, a fine place for them in the meantime, too! Win-win.

♥ Having mornings all to myself. Nothing beats waking up without an alarm, yoga with the sun, and a healthy smoothie to start the day.

♥ Making notes on the places in town we want to explore. Hartford we’re coming for you!

♥ Receiving the sweetest video invitation to my bachelorette party from my girlfriends. I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS. EVER.

♥ Already making 4th of July plans for a Vermont getaway.

♥ Loving listening to my new Abraham-Hicks download. Being on their subscription service is so fun.

♥ Aggressively finding all the best dance music to play at our wedding reception.

♥ Laughing at the funny (and teeny tiny!) hiding places our cat gets into.

♥ Using the Bullet Journal method of taking notes and tracking to dos and its changing my life. A post on the process coming soon.

♥ Treasuring every moment I get to spend with Sim after long work days and pinching myself that I’ll soon be his wife. 37 days to go!!



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