Things to say

I have so many things to say here, and in life, generally. Often the things and the thoughts get me so tongue tied because more than anything I want you to understand what it is I’m trying to say. And these things well, they’re powerful and meaningful in ways that I fret I will have trouble articulating.

Vulnerability, as we’ve learned in TED talks and books and blogs and LIFE, is the True currency of our world. And I so badly want to be real–dare I say authentic–in this space. and in life. I so badly want to be seen for who I really am. I’m sure you feel, or have felt, similarly.

What I know to be true is that beyond the walls of our screens and our commuter cars and our single family homes is that we are all yearning for the connection that is our birthright. We are meant to feel love for others and love for ourselves. We are wired for it.

And yet…

The self-doubt…the painful and terribly frequent barrages of self-criticism…I can’t help but crumble under that pressure. It takes me out of that place of True knowing. It also makes sharing just about anything incredibly hard. Hence all the radio silence on this blog over the past few years.

But what I also know now more than ever is that this truth-telling is the only thing that will set me (and set the collective we) free. I believe whole heartedly that the world needs us all exactly as we are. Sometimes it’s hard to follow one’s own beliefs ain’t it?

So, if you understand and you appreciate what I say and what I mean, then great! If not, I will be no worse for wear. Because there are 7 billion people on this planet. It’s reasonable that we’re not all going to understand one  another. But that shouldn’t stop me from speaking what’s True for me.

Today, this is my Truth.


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