It is done.


When there is any measure of uncertainty in life it’s easy to wobble on what feels like a shaky foundation. I’ve at times felt pushed and pulled by forces beyond my control, whether it was in the areas of education, career, or relationships.

When we want something it’s not always so easy to expect that what we want will come to be. But why not? It appears that as a culture we’ve become believers in things happening at the hands of Lady Luck or God. Or the exact opposite — it is our faithful, dutiful cranking of the wheel day in and day out that makes things happen. If reality falls short of our grand vision it’s no one’s fault but our own.

I don’t believe in either of these paths. To my mind, it must be that our magical, mysterious, abundant universe can provide for an explanation of how things work that is far outside our limited vision. When I makes choices that follow my heart I recognize how odd  my path to “getting things done” can seem to someone who doesn’t have the benefit of listening in on my gut check. And as it turns out, the more I follow my heart, the better life gets. And the better life gets, the more willing I am to trust that inner knowing about the direction of my true north.

Lately, I’ve come to an even clearer understanding about the way my universe works with the idea that what I want is already done. It’s complete, it “exists,” it’s available to me anytime I’m ready to live it. For example, let’s say you want to take a road trip from New York City to San Francisco. You know where you are. Maybe New York City is a metaphor for being single when you want to be in a relationship, or in debt if you want to be financially free. San Francisco is the metaphor for the thing or state of being that you desire. So, you type in your destination into Google maps and off you go! Three thousand miles later, so to speak, you arrive at financial freedom.

San Francisco is done. There’s nothing you have to do to make SF exist for you. So how to do you get there? You follow the path ahead. Let me re-phrase: you follow your inner guidance and the path it lays out for you. You really only need to know the next upcoming turn, and then the next, and the next to get where you want to go.  So what if you don’t understand how the job you’re in will help advance your career? If you love it, if you feel purposeful in it, if it makes you happy, why not stay? There’s no need to see the directions for Utah when you’re in Pennsylvania. Isn’t it fun to stop at the Rocky Mountains, or Mt. Rushmore, or the Grand Canyon along the way to where you want to go? Doesn’t it seem like you’re getting a bonus trip in? All the interesting people you’ll meet and the good food you’ll eat, and the beautiful sights you see on your way to getting to the west coast is the life you lead on the way to your dream career.

Thank goodness we don’t instantaneously get what we want or we wouldn’t have the wonderful experience of getting lost so we could happen upon something surprising and delighting. And sure, sometimes you hit a road that has unexpected traffic, or a sudden dead end. So back up or go another way. Sure,mMaybe it will take you a few more hours than expected to arrive at your destination but that just means a few more hours of good music on the radio, a fresh breeze through the window and endless car games that lead to inside jokes you’ll be laughing at for years to come. Sounds like a winning trade to me.

Let yourself relax a little. It is done. Enjoy.



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