June goals


June is for fun. Popsicles, picnics, camping, cloud watching, ice cream cones, and time spent outside. Oh, and for me, personally? GETTING MARRIED. I can’t wait. This month is going to be one for the record books.

So besides pulling off a successful wedding (ie, saying our vows and signing our marriage certificate), the other things that top my list this month are rather low on the totem pole of import. Really, they are just for fun. But as we’ve established, that’s what this month is all about.

1. Project Life | Earlier this year as life sped up, we moved, changed jobs and general chaos ensued, the first thing I dropped was documenting our daily life. Partly because I wasn’t taking pictures and had hardly anything to use in a weekly spread, partly because I was uninspired by the photos I was taking, and mostly because life was CRAZY and I coulnd’t handle one more non-essential thing, I let my album lie fallow. No more! I miss it; I miss documenting our daily weird little life, and I miss looking back at past weeks with a eye on kinds of things that I would easily forget if not for the words and images that contain our small piece of history. With our new life as an “official” family just beginning in a couple weeks, I’m reinvigorated to get back into the scrapbooking groove. Woot.

2. Run | I’ve been running about an average of once this year. Total. Averages shmaverages. But yet again, this running thing is something I can’t put out of my head. And now that the weather is great, I want to give it a good solid consistent effort and make a choice about how I feel after a few weeks of trial and error.

3. Make something | This is fashioned with the intention of setting a low barrier to entry. I’d love to say, “sew myself a dress!” or the like, but really, I don’t want to kill my buzz before I even get started by trying something way beyond my skill level. If I get to know my sewing machine well, but make a small weaving instead (made of just yarn, yarn, and more yarn = easy!!), I’ll call that a success.



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