A Brooklyn Bachelorette

welcome to brooklynA couple weekends ago my friend Jen hosted some of my best girlfriends for a bachelorette weekend in Williamsburg. We had an absolute blast doing all of my favorite things from farmer’s market shopping to thrifting for treasures to eating our faces off. We walked and walked and walked and talked and talked and talked and I was very nearly overwhelmed by so much happiness. We took about 600 photos over the two and a half days together and though I did my best to pare down the photos, this is a photo heavy post. I couldn’t resist sharing some of this very special weekend. 🙂


Friday night we went out to eat and drink at a German beer bar followed by a stop at a dance club for some West African dancing. I love how much my friends love to dance! It was dark and we were a bit tipsy so the photos aren’t really blog worthy but here’s one of Noa and I getting ready. They forced me to wear that Bride-to-Be crown and veil all night. I blame Kripalu for teaching me to go with the flow…

Nat and Noa getting ready The next morning we started the day at the Williamsburg farmer’s market so Jana and Molly could pick out our dinner’s ingredients. We enjoyed perusing the stands and watching all the little kids look way more fashionable than most adults we know. But our day started rather hilariously before we even left the apartment. As Jen was dropping off some trash a neighbor was walking past having just left a giant deer head near the trash heap. When we asked him about it he said “Phillip” had had a nice life in his home but it was time for a change. Without a second’s hesitation Jen picked him up, dusted him off and we brought Phillip back to Jen’s as our official mascot of the weekend.

meet phillip




Then it was time to eat! We walked past so much great street art on our way to Smorgasburg – a food tent city made of up all the deliciousness you can dream up and more. Totally amazing.





DSC_0125Lunch started with a delicious hibiscus donut to share. Nom.

DSC_0130Jana saw this Vermont Maple stand and after talking to the guy got a free donut herself for living in Vermont! Too funny.


DSC_0141These hot buns were so tasty. Really, the best.

DSC_0148Thankfully, though it was absolutely packed, the lines didn’t last too long and the day was insanely gorgeous.

DSC_0149The coconut + straw combo was a big hit amongst us all. And nothing beats relaxing in the grass in the sun. 

After we were well fed and had taken enough time to digest we headed for the thrift/vintage stores for some treasure hunting! First stop, Artists & Fleas, where I picked up a couple bracelets and a pair of earrings. The vintage section was truly was a rush of creativity and color and I wish I could have bought all the shoes. Especially those baby moccasins!



DSC_0172A couple stores later and we were ready for happy hour! We made our way to the Wythe Hotel only to find out their rooftop bar was closed for a private event. But meanwhile, in the bathroom Noa spotted the best bathroom door sign ever, Engaged. A picture with my ring was necessary.

DSC_0186So we walked and walked and walked back home to Jen’s apartment where Jana and Molly prepared a dinner feast which we ate on the roof while watching the sunset. Talk about romantic!


DSC_0207Yes, that is Jana next to a giant picture of me and Simeon. A game of pin the mustache on Simeon, anyone?




DSC_0264Sunday we got up bright and early for our last day together. First was brunch at a cute cafe and then off to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for a pleasurable walk around the grounds. The flowers were gorgeous the weather was perfect and the company could not have been better.

DSC_0292First stop, coffee! Next stop? Bus stop.

DSC_0319Me and molly snap a selfie on the bus ride.








DSC_0440An incredible weekend with an incredible crew. Looking forward to being reunited with them in just over one week now! Big thanks to my maid of honor, Jen, for all the planning and for hosting and huge thanks to my friends for making the big trek to the Big City to celebrate with me. xo



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