Things I Love Thursday

photo 3

Wowee! What a week, friends. I feel like I just stepped onto one of those moving sidewalks and have been easefully passing the time while making massive progress on projects. It’s exactly as I wished my days would go all winter. I’m feel extra grateful this week for an especially remarkable potential opportunity (actually two!). These are the kinds of happenings that truly make me stand in awe at the incredible force of the Universe at work. At the same time, we heard some very sad news from friends and had to come to terms with the knowing that sometimes the Universe’s power brings things we don’t always understand in the moment that they happen. But I truly believe that with enough patience, grace arrives with the balm of understanding.

Lots of moments made my heart smile this week…

♥ Spending a lovely brunch with dear friends at the most delicious cafe in the Berkshires for my second wedding shower! ♥ Enjoying the best kind of summer weekend with the whole Zimmer clan ♥ Frisbee on the lawn ♥ Lunch and dinner from the grill ♥ Lots of time with our friends’ baby ♥ New hiking adventures ♥ Making plans with new friends ♥ Thoughtful emails ♥ Cooking a legit dinner (twice!) and it tasting delicious ♥ Living into my ideal day ♥ G+Ts for homemade happy hour ♥ Cat naps…with my cat ♥ Making a just for fun wedding mix (will share it soon!) ♥ Getting into a blogging groove…

Hope you have a great weekend! xo


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