computer flowers

♥ Emailing myself cool links at my new email address so I’ll have some fun things to read when I open it for the first time.

♥ Tracking my to dos better than ever before with my bullet journal

♥ Applying to graduate school! Veeeery excited.

♥ Snuggling my fiancé and exclaiming “I’m going to MARRY you!” every five minutes in between saying “You’re going to be my HUSBAND!” Does. Not. Get. Old.

♥ Brunching in honor of myself with my best Berkshire lady friends (minus the few who couldn’t make it). So fun!

♥ Watching YouTube yoga videos because they are free and fun. Thank you, crowdsourcing, for invigorating my yoga practice.

♥ Running…and then not running. And then running again. Because I can’t quite decide if I want to.

♥ Wishing I had kept up my Project Life album this year.

♥ Reading The Town That Food Saved by Ben Hewitt and loving it.

♥ Finishing my last few wedding to-dos. Phew!

♥ Feeling so proud that we did so much for the wedding ourselves.

♥ Reminiscing over photos of my bachelorette weekend in NYC with some of my best friends.

♥ Craving vacation and getting eager for our Honeymoon

♥ Fawning over the incredibly generous gifts we’ve received from family and friends. Vitamix, and Le Creuset, and All Clad, oh my! We’re both mighty grateful.


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