Wedding mix

Mix-tape imageWhen I was in high school I listened to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Fairytales CD on endless repeat. It seemed like I didn’t go a day without playing at least a track or two. Today whenever I hear a song from that record I’m immediately transported back to those days.

I love this collection of songs below for a similar reason. These are a couple important songs from the beginning of Simeon’s and my relationship – the ones that plant me right back in his living room as I carve a pumpkin or dance with him in the kitchen while making dinner. There are songs that I’ve been listening to on the radio as I craft wedding projects, songs that will be in our processional, songs that mean everything to us.

I know that when I listen to this mix in the future I’ll be right back here, mere days away from my big day and feeling all the love (and anxiety!) that was a part of this incredible wedding season.


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