Life lately.




  1. DIY for days. Nearly there now!
  2. Coffee in my new artisnal mug. A wedding shower gift from Havi and Jon. Thanks guys!
  3. Our little fiddle leaf fig is growing and already making it’s way through the blinds like a badass. Go little plant go!

One more day until we fly out to California for the wedding and I’m looking around thinking, this is my life. The small details that make up the everyday moments that become the big life defining moments. These are the days, I think. I’m enjoy a morning cup of coffee from the Chemex as I watch the light leak in from the large windows. There is a soft gray luminescence floating through the apartment. A thought suddenly occurs I have to finish that project today! and I’m scurrying to the mess left on the table from the night before. Moving quickly from my sewing machine to computer to notebook to phone. The cat rubs up against me and walks all over my keyboard as cats do, completely unaware that hey, I’m busy.

But she reminds me, this is my life. This moment. This is all I’ve got. And I’m so darn happy I could cry.




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