Things I love Thursday

imageWe made it to California! The sun is bright and hot, the sky cornflower blue, and my mom is already weeping at the thought of her daughter’s marriage just mere days away. We had a pleasant enough flight out- I love talking to my seat mates- they always seem to be interesting and just the right about of chatty. Today, I’m thankful for lots of BIG things but always those little details that just make my day. There are so many small moments when I could easily get count in a rampage of fear and doubt but when my esthetician says “oh honey, you were hit by the pretty stick!”  or my husband to be hands me a perfect cup of coffee as I exit the most glorious hot shower, or my dad swooping in with a great idea to save the favors last night as my parents and I sat around the table and put them together…well, it’s easier to feel good and ride that wave instead.

Lots of little errands to run as we wrap up wedding projects but we’re in good shape folks! So excited for what’s to come and beyond thankful today for all the hard work and support from my family and friends that has gotten us this far.


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