Things I Love Thursday

imageI feel like I’m brimming with cliches lately.  How time flies! Where does the time go?! How is it nearly the end of June already?!?! Seriously. Where. Did. The. Time. Go. ?

Ah, but it feels so good to be where I am. I am here, in a wonderful season perfect for adventures, with a husband I love more than ever, at a time in my life when anything is possible and everything I want is happening or about to. What a life! But as always, these big moments are really just the extra goodness on the everyday moments that make life so juicy and fun. I’m more grateful for the little things, always. Here’s what made me do a happy dance this week.

A mesmerizing view of heavy clouds from our plane over Denver ♥ My daily americano #cantstopwontstop #isthathashtagplayedoutyet ♥ A real tan. And I never tan. Yay summer 2014! ♥ Sneak peeks from our wedding photographer ♥ saying HUSBAND out loud and giggling to myself ♥ Finishing all our thank you notes (huzzah!) ♥ Watching a stranger offer help and the huge smile and sincere thank you that resulted ♥ Binging on all my favorite blogs ♥ Making big progress on my reading project ♥ Planning out the next month of blog content and feeling on top of the world ♥ Ahh… and getting the best news ever that I can’t yet share but trust me, is so freaking exciting!! #notpregnant

What’s got you smiling this week?


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