Things I Love Thursday: Rainstorms and road trips

Smoothie towerAs humid as this week has been, I’ve been grateful for the rain and the rain storms. Something about the thunder and lightning makes me feel refreshed, renewed, re-inspired. Last night we lay in bed in the dark, silently listening to the thunder raging outside and I felt so peaceful… thankful. This week has been easy-going and chaotic, stressful and enjoyable, all at the same time. As most weeks are.

We’re taking our second load of boxes up to Vermont today and I hope that we’ll only have one more trip to go before all our belongings are tucked away in our new homestead. Ah, farm life. I cannot wait to breathe it in animals, barn and all. The creek across the dirt road, the porch lights, the cats and dogs and chickens coming and going. The morning coffee and evening beer. The dark nights (there are no streetlights in Vermont), and the cool mornings as the sun brings light through the twitching leaves outside our window. There is no where I would rather be.

Just a four hour road trip to go! All the way I’ll be thinking about the many wonderful things that made this week wonderful…

Refreshing iced coffee ♥ Rental cars ♥ Long walks ♥ Cat cuddles ♥ Blazing through my book list ♥ Blogging inspiration ♥ Phone calls to California friends ♥ Taco Monday ♥  Short work weeks ♥ Using our homemade laundry detergent ♥ Binge watching The Tonight Show (I have a secret crush on Jimmy Fallon) ♥ Ritualizing my mornings ♥  Shrunken sweaters that fit me perfectly ♥ Harvesting peas and radishes from the garden ♥ Feeling determined in an easeful, graceful way ♥  Receiving my admission letter to grad school ♥  Following my dreams ♥ Living my ideal morning

What are you fired up about these days?


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