#natanyayogadailyIt might be the energy of a new year or perhaps a fresh calendar page, but I am feeling a sense of renewal and inspiring vigor. If I really wanted to pinpoint the reason, I think my commitment to daily yoga has something to do with it. (#natanyayogadaily on Instagram if you want to follow my daily practice).

#natanyayogadailyEvery morning I spend at least 20 minutes on my mat. Breathing, gently bending and twisting, and finding my balance (both physically and mentally).

#natanyayogadailyIt’s been wonderfully refreshing for my spirit. I feel an ease now within my own skin that I didn’t realize had been absent. There’s a lightness in my step; I stand a little taller, straighter. May I be so bold to say it? I’m becoming the person I knew I could be.

Do you have a resolution for the new year? An intention or goal? They certainly aren’t necessary, but if you feel so inspired, maybe take a few extra deep breaths right now. Yes, this very second. And trust that whatever you need will find you. Keep trusting. Keep practicing. Keep asking.

Keep on. I’ll meet you in savasana.




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