March Monthly Goals

March goals

We’re a few days into March but I’d like to go ahead and call out some personal goals for the month. Just small, achievable, measurable to-dos that I want to be publicly accountable for. Nothing major for right now, and probably each of these has appeared on a goal list before (not trying to reinvent the wheel here!), but still, things that would make a real difference in my life if accomplished.

So this month I want to…

Develop a workable daily routine that I can take on the road. I’m going to be traveling 3 out of 5 weeks this month and I know that I’ll fall apart at the seams if I can’t find some semblance of routine to keep me grounded. #DailyYoga will help, as will starting and ending each day the same way. Other than that, I’m practicing this week and next with things that will help me feel in control of my day-to-day experience.

Micromanage our finances. We’ve been getting slowly better at keep track of what’s coming in and going out and I’ve begun relying on systems for helping us to see where we are each month. But it could be better–of this I am sure. So, I’ve re-commited to, I’ve designated myself as family CFO (with Simeon’s approval), and I’m going hawk-eyed over every purchase, penny, and printout this month. I’m actually super excited about it. Nerd-alert!

Print photos. I have been terrible, just terrible at keeping up with my scrapbooking goals over the past two years. But when I think back on my memories it’s the ones saved in the scrapbooks that are always the sharpest. With life flying by at an alarming rate, I know Future Me will be so grateful to Present Me if I can get at least some kind of weekly scrapbooking done. To really entice myself to get in on the action, I signed up for a killer monthly subscription of scrapbooking supplies and am promising myself I’ll call the photo printer company to ask why my home printer suddenly called it quits. My goal is to share my pages here on the blog so you can see how our memories are being made each week too!


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