Things I Love Thursday


I’ve missed writing these weekly recaps of the wonderful things and moments that made up the week. There are always truly delightful/special/sweet happenings to acknowledge and taking the time to do so leads to ever expanding feelings of joy.

This week has the been the first in a long string of many that I’ve begun to feel myself actually settle down from the chaos of February. A cloud has lifted. The darkness slowly overcome by the warmth of gratitude. So, to carry on the good vibes I’ve got going this first week of March, here’s what I’m currently relishing.

The simple routines of being home–of making a home. ♥ Setting up an office space for myself from which to work, write, dream, and scheme. ♥ Eating lots and lots of salad. So glad my taste buds have gotten over the sugar craze phase and are back on board for some real nutrition! ♥ Finishing two great books on my favorite subject–ontology: the study of the nature of reality, and epistemology: the way we know our world. To sum up the learnings: Cutting edge science now shows that our world is more magnificent, more complex and yet more coherent, than we have yet allowed ourselves to believe. ♥ Playing with my friend’s baby all morning at an impromptu playdate at the General Store. ♥ Baking a cake over the weekend and eating it throughout the week. (Goes perfectly with a cup of tea!). ♥ Posting my #natanyayogadaily regularly on Instagram again. ♥ Assembling our new butcher block dining table and bar stools. The kitchen is just about complete! ♥ Sending #HappyMail to friends just because. ♥


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