Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

The weather took a turn for the most dazzling this week. It sounds hyperbolic but after weeks (WEEKS) of negative temperatures, the mercury hit not only above freezing, but above 50! Simeon and I clasped each other like we’d been saved from a desert island and declared that we’d made it through. It feels like the worst is over. Now we head into spring and its corresponding mud season, which is another story entirely, but I think it’s important to stop and celebrate the end of winter before the month changes again. There was lots to love this week starting with the simplest of pleasures…more daylight!

Daylight saving time–not the loss of sleep but definitely the extra sun. ♥ Cuddles with Mo. ♥ Facing a hard conversation with courage. ♥ Noodling with our budget everyday. ♥ Packing for vacation. ♥ Getting the printers to work. ♥ The silence of a morning snowfall. ♥ Binge watching The Mindy Project. ♥ Visioning for my coaching business. ♥ Dinners at home. ♥ Baby bump photos. ♥ Anticipating my first #MessyBox scrapbooking kit in the mail. ♥ Having answers to questions posed to the Universe show up in my inbox. And Simeon’s inbox. Ask and you shall receive! ♥ 55 Degree weather. (WHAT?! YES!). ♥ Starting a Miracle Morning routine again. It’s like magic! ♥ Discovering new amazing podcasts. ♥


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