Around Here


imageimage imageimage imageAround here I’m either on a plane, by the beach, stuffing my face full of food, or writing. Not too shabby! 😉 It’s been the perfect kind of week with of deep internal reflection, spaciousness both of environment and of mind, and the sweet companionship of new friends. I’m ready to take off again. And now, while I wait for planes, I’m sitting with the subtle changes within myself that this week gifted me. Like the Atlantic tides that offer gifts of shells and grass and subtly shift the outline of the shore wave by wave by wave. One moment doesn’t look too different from the next. But the power of the ocean cannot be denied. I’ve been finding and claiming that same power within myself recently. And this week helped me put words to it in new ways. I’m feeling so utterly grateful and inspired. Thank you to my companions and new friends for sharing that journey with me, to the incredible staff of the Sea View for being the definition of hospitable, to my workplace for granting me the opportunity and time for this retreat, and to the sea, sun, and sand for being my living metaphor. Xo


One thought on “Around Here

  1. Betty Reuben says:

    Your reflections dear heart are part of my own experience growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan. The wonder of bein gso satisfied by the waves and even the great picture of those old time r o ckers touched my heart The only difference is that they are grey and the ones I rocked in at South Haven were green. I look at the satisfying picture of you on the plane and I can hardly wait til you ar ein my arms love you dearest Grandma

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