Things I Love Thursday

Awaken CafeNothing like spring in California, that’s for sure. I’m sorry to see this week come to a close but there is still so much to look forward to before I head out on Saturday. There’s my Blessing Way tonight and tomorrow the rest of my family arrives to celebrate Passover. I can’t wait to see everyone! Meanwhile, this week has been such a joy – time with family, sunshine, excitements, and renewal. I’m feeling refreshed and eager for more of spring’s delights.

This week I’ve loved…

Squeezing my family! ♥ Reconnecting with friends. ♥ Shopping for new clothes (dressing the bump!). ♥ Phone calls with Sim. ♥ Time outside. ♥ Coaching and being coached. ♥ Giving life to my dreams. ♥ Celebrating at my Blessing Way. ♥ Preparing for Passover. ♥ Organizing my school work files. ♥ Getting clarity on work. ♥ Watching the bump dance. ♥ Enjoying the fresh warm spring air. ♥ Visiting Oakland. ♥ Eating an In ‘n Out burger and drinking Peet’s Coffee. ♥ Cakes from Freeport bakery. ♥ Birthdays everyday. ♥ Naps. ♥ Going to the farmer’s market and being approached by a Jamaican. *It’s a girl, mon!* ♥ 


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