28 Weeks

28 weeksSay what?! We’ve made it to the third trimester!

28 weeks 4Things are starting to get really real around here, folks. There’s a wiggly little person in there who is sure making her/himself known. I’m feeling movement off and on all day but especially around 5:30-6:30 in the morning and when I go to sleep around 9:30 at night. And after every meal of course, of which there might be five or six per day!

Since my last update Baby has shifted positions and is now upside down. I can tell you that for sure she/he is facing to my right because every so often I get a jab way out on my right side under the ribs. It’s not painful but the surprise and force of the kick often cause me to yelp a little. I think it ends up sounding worse than it is. The midwife confirmed the placement for me on Tuesday but I could tell just by the descending location of the hiccups. This baby hiccups like a champ!

28 weeks 3The heartburn I was feeling for the past couple weeks seems to have subsided, though it was briefly replaced by waves of nausea and a couple times I found my self running through the house to find a place to vomit. Apparently the way my body had adjusted to hold the newly gained weight had put pressure on my vegas nerve and was creating just the right pressure to induce my nauseous episodes. Thankfully a visit to the chiropractor took care of that and I’m feeling much better. It got me thinking about what goes on in vegas… you know, it should stay there.

28 weeks 2Looking at these pictures I can see how people would think I’m not pregnant – at least from the front. Black shirts can hide that bump pretty well. And would you guess that neither this shirt nor pants are maternity wear? I love finding wardrobe solutions that will work in my closet long after this baby is born. I have my mothers to thank for this outfit, too. The shirt is a hand-me-down from my MIL (thanks Maggie!) and the pants were a new purchase my mom gifted me while out in California (thanks Mom!). And that orange shade of lipstick is my new favorite. If it’s not going to be spring outside then it sure as heck is going to look like it inside!

Notes & Observations:

  • I’m finding myself more and more lethargic throughout the day. Hoping to find ways to keep my energy up in these last few months.
  • I’ve decided to invest in regular chiropractic sessions for the remainder of pregnancy and I’m really excited about it. We’re going to make as much space as possible for baby to grow and then come out!
  • I’m thirsty like a hump-less camel. Or whatever is really, really, really thirsty. I might try to track my water intake just for fun but probably not because that would take away from the time I have to drink more water.
  • I literally pee every 10 minutes. See above. And, I would venture to guess, baby’s head bouncing on my bladder.
  • Sitting in a reclined position is becoming really uncomfortable as my ribs are finding it hard to know where to go now that so much internal space is occupied. It’s been great for my posture but the whole exhausted thing is making it hard to keep my shoulders up and back for an extended amount of time.
  • Smoothies everyday for the win.




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