Around Here

Around hereAround here Around here Around here Around here
Around hereAround here I’m enjoying the fresh blooms inside since they’re taking time to emerge outside. This week finally brought a new kind of precipitation – rain. Rain that washes away snow! Rain that feels like spring! We changed out our winter boots for rain boots and splashing in the inevitable puddles is our new favorite.

Around here I’m tackling the walls – putting art in frames and putting them up. I especially love the chalkboard addition to our hallway and my masterpiece from 1990 of a happy person. I hope the baby likes it as much as I do.

Around here we’re making plans for the weekend and taking advantage of all the goings on in the “BIG” city of Burlington. Going to listen to a friend play music, going out to eat, antique shopping… It’s fun to get away together and be in a new space with new opportunities for ideas to bloom. I always find myself more creative after getting into a different environment.

Happy to have a weekend at home before I head out again next weekend! Have a good one, friends.



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