May Goals

May Goals

What’s that saying, in like a lion out like a lamb? That’s what April felt like – if the lion is cold, cold weather and the lamb is SPRINGTIME, glorious SPRINGTIME. Thank god. 

April’s goals were achievable and not too much of a stretch, but there was a shift which I’ll mention in a moment. First, I had wanted to eat more greens – and more healthfully in general. Accomplished! I made a couple of big salads for dinner and had lots of greens as sides throughout the month. This does not exclude the pint of mint chocolate ice cream I ate in one sitting, however. All I can say is, it was green?

I also expected to clarify my work role this month as I prepare for maternity leave. After many conversations with confidants about my work and career expectations and some inner searching I came to some conclusions that feel good for now. The words surrender and no rushing just about sum it up.

Lastly, I had wanted to get the nursery in order for our little one. Well, I did get the room mostly set up but instead of a baby room it turned into a guest room! This month we upgraded our bed to a king size to fit the baby since we plan to co-sleep for the time being and rather than sell our queen we decided to keep it in case family/friends decide to stay on during baby’s first year or one of us needs the extra space with a middle of the night feeding situation. I’m really pleased and though I wouldn’t say I accomplished my original goal, I feel complete nonetheless.

Now, on to May!

+ Make something for baby. My knitting needles have been full of a project for a friend’s new baby and I haven’t yet turned my attention towards creating something for my own. I’d like to remedy that this month as I slow down (forcibly by my shortness of breath and heavier body) and spend more time in quiet contemplation of this new person soon to join our family. What to make, what to make…

+ Bring back daily walks. Omygoodness people, the sky is blue, the crows are crowing, the peepers peeping and I am overjoyed to have fallen in love with Vermont again. Dusk is a beautiful time here as the hills turn a majestic purple in the golden light and I find a walk down our dirt road is the perfect remedy for a long day. Walking is also terrific labor prep so #doublewin!

+  Write, write write. I have so many blog posts, guests posts, and other random articles I’d like to get out of my head and onto the page. Now’s the time and I know it.


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