32 Weeks

32 weeksEight months! We made it to eight months!

It’s incredible to think we found out about this little person back in October and now here we are,  only eight weeks away to meeting our son or daughter.

32 weeksI still love that the gender will be a surprise and have no great urge to know which it will be. I’m happy enough to have a child – and a seemingly healthy one at that. The baby measured right on target at our appointment this week and heart rate was great. Last week I felt the baby’s movements decrease but this week they are back up; now it feels more like rolling than kicking.

32 weeksI’m to spend lots of time in cat/cow poses (on my hands and knees) and to sit backwards in chairs to encourage the baby, who is already head down, into proper birthing position – facing my spine. Our dining chairs aren’t really going to work for this and neither is my desk chair. So if you call here and it takes me a minute to get to the phone it’s probably because I’m in a designated five minute, sitting backwards/straddling a chair routine.

32 weeksWhat’s new this week: The baby is starting to put on the pounds! It will gain a third to half of its total body weight in the next two months and I’ll be adding about a pound a week to my frame. So far, I’ve gained 10 pounds total this pregnancy – not bad, with eight more weeks to go. I’ve also added about 40% more blood volume! It’s part of the reason why I get winded just walking up the stairs or when I eat. My happy little heart is working so hard to get all that blood flowing through *our* bodies!

Notes & Observations

  • I had the Tdap shot at my appointment this week which includes Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis vaccinations. No company makes a pertussis (whooping cough) only shot  so we were forced to go for all three even though there’s no real need for the tetanus or diphtheria at this point. We considered that I not get the immunization but then I found out that whooping cough has been going around our area recently and while irritating for older children and adults, whooping cough can be fatal for infants. My shot will pass some immunity onto the baby so we felt it was the safest thing to do. With immunizations a hot button topic around the country and given my predisposition to question most established medical guidelines, we’ve been extra careful to review every of every shot that is offered to see how it fits for our family’s situation now. Rather than being “hippy-dippy” about it, I think we’re being conscious consumers. I feel good about that.
  • The side effect of the tetanus shot is major soreness at the needle location so my arm has been in ridiculous pain for the past day or so. It’s given me a chance to practice being with the pain as opposed to fighting it. But I’ll be glad when the soreness goes away (hopefully soon!)
  • I am really enjoying the warmer weather and taking advantage of it by going on a 20 minute walk on our road most days. It’s amazing what a mood booster a little outdoor time can be!
  • Getting better about actually taking a nap in the afternoon when my body is craving one. I realize how much better it is to get sleep now rather than try to get more done.
  • Smoothies are my favorite meal and favorite way to get a lot of leafy greens in my diet. I tested low in iron and I’m finding that a kale or spinach smoothie is the fastest and most delicious way to get a ton of nutrients into my very small stomach in one sitting. I’m thinking I need to make some smoothie packs to save for when the baby comes so they’ll be easy to throw in the blender without any prep. I love a good win-win.

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