A Blanket for Baby Koschak

Last fall I started knitting a blanket for my dear friend Jana after I found out she was pregnant. I had a number of colors that I thought I could use up plus a stash of small rolls from a yarn dying workshop Jana and I took together in late summer. After finding a tutorial for a baby blanket on CreativeBug.com I knew I had my blanket!

I made up the colorway as I went, and halfway through I started to really dislike what I was seeing. But the brighter orange and pinks at the end saved the day and now I love it. Jana and her husband decided not to find out the baby’s gender and I think this blanket would be perfect for either a little girl or little boy.

Most of the lines in between the larger color blocks are what I dyed myself. I’m so happy to have had something extra special to add to the blanket. Overall, the knitting is by no means perfect – there are lots of mistakes woven throughout. But I know the baby won’t mind and I think its especially beautiful with the imperfections. In a way, each mistake documents the hours, the effort, the love, and the prayers that I put into the blanket and my own two hands most of all. Just goes to show that perfect isn’t always better.

Mo agrees.



5 thoughts on “A Blanket for Baby Koschak

    1. Natanya Bittman says:

      Thank you. 🙂 It’s funny how long it takes to “style” a blanket so it looks like it was just thrown. Not as easy as it seems!

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