Currently: May

Currently: May

Working on grant proposals for my job

Playing with the idea of making things with my sewing machine

Knitting baby things! Oh the cuteness!

Watching lots of The Tonight Show on Hulu while I knit

Listening to Snatum Kaur during yoga sessions. Perfect for calming the mind while I calm my body.

Drinking real cranberry juice and mixing it with other juices just for fun. I just need sparkling water for a perfect evening mocktail!

Making summer plans and dreaming of how fun it will be with a small baby in tow.

Feeling stuck/un-stuck then stuck/un-stuck on repeat. Getting clarity on what creates flow in my life and trying to follow those signs.

Reading all our books on prepping for labor & delivery and life with baby. So far I can highly recommend everything by Ina May Gaskin and The Birth Partner: A Complete Guide to  Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions by Penny Simkin

Eating all the ice cream! Sim and I got our first creamees of the season at the local village market (pictured above) but they weren’t that good. Hoping that the maple creamees just outside town will be better. Must taste test to find out!



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