34 Weeks

34 weeksPregnancy is a funny thing.

34 weeksGrowth is incremental and most days I find myself wondering what’s going on in my belly and whether anything is really changing. But then there are days like I’ve had this week where I know that the baby is growing right this second.*  I’m sure that feeling of stretch is a limb extending a few centimeters outward or the baby’s brain expanding with all the new sounds s/he’s listening to.

34 weeksAnd I’ve certainly grown! I weigh 11.5 pounds more than in October – not much overall but we have 6 weeks to go so I’ll probably be closer to 20 pounds heavier by the baby’s birthday. An appropriate amount for my height so I’m pleased. I’m trying to take advantage of this time of life; the other day I enjoyed a pint of Ben & Jerry’s all to myself for a snack. It was heaven.

34 weeksAt the latest check-up this week baby got a thumbs up for growth, heartbeat, and position. I’ve been feeling so many kicks and rolls and I thought the baby might have rolled over completely. I was right! Now s/he’s head down and facing my left side. Often I’ll feel a little hip poke out with a foot jab in the opposite direction. Feeling the baby move is certainly a highlight of this whole pregnancy gig. Always reminds me of the miracle and mystery that there’s a person in there! A person! With arms and legs and a butt! (Now, baby, could you please stop using my bladder as a punching bag? Thank you).

34 weeksNotes & Observations

  • No serious cravings but I either feel like ice cream or salad most days. Balanced meals, right?
  • Sim and I are reading through more of the stack of baby books on our nightstands. And learning a lot! Thankful for the supportive and women-centric information within each. I feel more confident, more prepared, more supported after reading and that’s all I could hope for.
  • Though they’re not in my capsule wardrobe I find myself reaching for Simeon’s T-shirts many days when I don’t have to dress for any special occasion. Perfect with my favorite black leggings and just the right fit over my ever expanding belly.

* It’s now the size of cantaloupe!


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