37 Weeks

37 weeksWell, here we are! 37 weeks and “pre-full term” as the midwives say. I apologize that I failed to take any belly pictures last week so I didn’t update the blog with a ’36 Weeks’ post. But we’re making up for it today!

It’s pretty darn exciting to know that the baby would be just fine being born at any moment. Though he or she knows full well that we would all prefer a delivery date no earlier than June 22nd when Grandma Carolyn arrives and after Simeon finishes a Folklore Catering gig in Connecticut.
37 weeksAt my recent appointment the baby was actually measuring a bit small (for the second time in two weeks) and I’ve only gained 15 pounds thus far when the average weight gain for someone my height is 25-35 pounds. To be doubly sure nothing is the matter my midwife scheduled me for an additional ultrasound so that they could take more precise measurements of the baby, which will help explain what the issue is if there is one. 

37 weeksWe find out next week what the ultrasound revealed. What I do know is that the baby is in a very normal rhythm of sleeping on and off for 20-40 minutes at a time and moving frequently when awake. All feels well inside so I’m not taking to worry at this point. In fact, I more than hope it’s just a sign that the baby/my body are aware of my body’s limits–perhaps we’re having a small (slender?) baby because that’s what fits me well. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? 🙂

37 weeksI’m still pretty comfortable most of the time (high five!) thanks to the recent cool, rainy weather. I’m sleeping well–sleeping a lot, actually–and I only get up 1-2 times per night. I’m used to it by now and am able to fall back asleep quickly. Still, most mornings I wake naturally at 5 am, either because the light is already filling our bedroom or because the cat is meowing for breakfast and to be let outside. In my morning daze I’m not sure which. Either way, I get up, take care of the cat, and fall back into bed for another hour at least. Such bliss.

Meanwhile, I’m taking advantage of every last opportunity for spontaneity and “me” time. A quick jaunt to the village store for a creamee (read: frozen yogurt) with friends? Sure! A trip to run errands with Sim? Of course! Waking up when I want and going to sleep when I want? Hallelujah! I know it won’t last and soon we’ll be making plans around the baby’s needs so I’m happy to be deliberately enjoying my own agenda. Simeon said the other day that he’s excited to switch gears and have life revolve around Baby B. I don’t know if I’m as completely enthralled with the idea as he is but it certainly will be easier when my partner has such a great attitude about potential last minute cancellations.

Notes & Observations

  • The only major discomfort I’m feeling now is that I easily lose my breath from really strenuous activity like walking, eating, or watching TV. Sometimes we’ll be on our way somewhere in the car and I just have to start taking deep breaths because sitting upright is closing off the little space my lungs have left. I’m really looking forward to the baby “dropping” which will relieve some of that abdominal pressure.
  • Speaking of which, heart-burn flare ups have returned. But only at night, and only when lying down. It’s not every night–only a couple times recently–so I’ll experiment with sleeping propped up if it happens again.
  • You’ll see that the shorts I’m wearing in these pictures are not in my capsule wardrobe. It got too hot this month to wear leggings everyday so when we were in the Berkshires a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a pair of maternity shorts. I’m so grateful I did!
  • We feel well prepared for the baby’s arrival. Just a few more items to check of the list and we’ll be 100% ready in my eyes: install carseat, select pediatrician, buy newborn diapers/wipes, set up upstairs diaper changing area. And if we’re really on a roll, finish organizing the house and closets! 😉

One thought on “37 Weeks

  1. Shaindle says:

    I only gained 7 lbs with each pregnancy. Yes a lost alot of weight afterward, but the babies were fine and dandy. No worries. Thank you for sharing in y our blogs. It makes me feel like I am right there with you. Hugs and more hugs to my Sim. xoxoxxo Shaindle

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