A Shower for Baby Bittman

Baby shower

Baby showerLast month Simeon and I were treated to a special afternoon at my in-law’s beautiful home in honor of Baby Bittman. Maggie, Sam, and our dear friend Monica spent many weeks at work on this event to make it truly lovely. We felt so loved!

Baby shower

Baby showerFriends from near and far came to celebrate the occasion, including the entire Zimmer clan. Look at all of us together!! This year, two more members will join us as both I and Havi (far right) are pregnant. Can’t wait to share so many more memories with this growing crew.

Baby shower

Baby shower

And lucky me, some of my best girlfriends made the trip too. Molly, Jen and I have been a solid trifecta for seven years. One wedding, one engagement, one pregnancy, and one masters degree (+ one in progress) between us since (not to mention the many boyfriends, jobs, moves, and other shenanigans). They mean so much to me – I was so grateful for their presence.

Baby showerOur friends and family were incredibly generous with their gifts. We love everything – and it will all be so useful for our new little one. Plus, instead of cards, people brought books for Baby B’s library. We’ve got a great start and I’m eager to read many of them myself! I highly recommend this idea for anyone planning a future baby shower. Cards get tossed but the books will be read over and over and every time we open one we’ll have a note from the person who gifted it. Such a sweet way to include loved ones from afar in the baby’s everyday life!Baby shower

Baby shower

Baby showerSim and I had a chance to take a few shots of just us and the belly after folks left. It was drizzling and overcast but our photographer friend, Elaina Mortali made some magic happen anyway. I love these shots so much! But next time I will remember not to wear black. It hides the belly a little too well.Baby shower

Baby shower

Baby shower

Baby shower

What a special day to remember! Thank you again, Maggie, Sam, and Monica for such a loving affair. We (three) love you very much indeed.


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