Reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr for Book Club. Even though we’ve been meeting for 6 months this is the first book we’ve read! I really hope I can make it to our July meeting to talk about it–and honestly, I hope I get around to finishing it too…It’s a really long read.

Knitting up a storm for Baby Bittman. I’m in love with this latest project and can’t wait to share. The plan is to finish it before the baby arrives but to do so means I’ve got a lot of stitches to go.

Buying last minute things for the baby. Pacifiers, diapers, etc. Can never have enough I imagine…

Enjoying life to the fullest right now. Day trips to Burlington, afternoons at a local cafe, impromptu dinner parties with friends. Whatever we can do to enjoy our freedom from a schedule is on the list!

Welcoming my mom to town. Last time she was here it was negative degrees everyday. I’m so glad she gets to experience the beauty of Vermont in lovely weather this time around. And for such a happy occasion too!

Feeling inspired by the many beautiful gardens in our area. We’ve been gifted with a few vegetable plants and I hope I can get them to thrive this summer. It’s my first attempt at gardening and since I want to one day be able to grow much of our own produce, I hope this practice garden will set me on the path to do so. There’s no shorter of experts around to get advice from so I really have no excuse! Oh, except a baby, that’s true. 😉

Teaching myself to sew. I think the last time I sewed something I was 10 and had my mom to help me with the hard parts. Maybe she’ll help me again? I’ve got a glider that’s in need of a new cover and it’s certainly not going to sew itself!

Enjoying the off and on rainstorms mixed with bright days of pure sunshine. What an incredible start to the summer. I love Vermont in June!

Shopping at the farmers market every weekend. Which right now means buying treats from our friends at Ardelia Farm and being social amongst friends and neighbors. Everyone seems to have a Saturday morning routine here: breakfast, taking garbage and recycling into the village, and ending up at the market. Since we have a much later season than other areas of New England lots of items aren’t ready for harvest yet. Of course, we’re looking forward to all the fresh fruits and veggies that will arrive in our waiting baskets soon enough.



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