Welcome To The World Baby Bittman!

imageLast Tuesday morning, under a stormy gray sky, our bright sunshine boy entered the world. As he settled into new life outside the womb the skies cleared and a rainbow appeared over the birthing center. Our Eli Noah had arrived, our ‘divine comfort’ made manifest. imageToday, on the occasion of his week old birthday, we officially announce the birth of this beloved child. Born at 10:11 am on June 23rd, 2015 weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces and measuring 16.5 inches long, he is pure perfection. imageOur new little family of three is doing remarkably well. Eli is patient with us as we learn what it means to be his parents. Likewise, he seems awed by the miracle of his birth just as much as we are. He stares at us with a look that hovers just above loving suspicion and just below bemused delight. We stare back at him with tears in our eyes and dopey grins hardly believing he is ours.


PS We weren’t the only ones excited by Eli’s arrival; even our little friend Fred couldn’t wait to offer his own special welcome. You’ve gotta watch his adorable greeting hereWelcome to the world baby Bittman…



7 thoughts on “Welcome To The World Baby Bittman!

  1. A beautiful baby boy, congratulations. Eli and I have something in common, besides our family. My Hebrew name is Nechamah, the feminine of Noah. I mailed a gift yesterday — supposed to arrive Monday. It’s not an exciting gift, but hopefully a useful one!

  2. Sam Bittman says:

    My dearest Natanya … such a beautiful posting. How fortunate baby boy has you for a mom. Your words speak of the mutual admiration, trust and love essential in a loving relationship. I look at you and Simmy the way you and Eli and Simmy gaze at one another. Sending love, Poppo >

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