July Goals

imageJune came and went without goals. Alas, there were other *important* things on my mind – like having a baby… Which I did!

Now it’s July and here I am adjusting to life with a newborn, figuring out which way is up and discovering a new definition for “normal.”

This month is all about that new normal. About finding the regular, the ordinary, and the everyday interwoven amongst the magical and miraculous. Watching a tiny human transform before my eyes blows my mind. I need a rope back to earth; I need this month to fall gently back to ground, a month to find my feet solidly beneath me.

With that in mind, here are my top goals for July:

+ Read for fun | This year my nightstand was full of books for grad school or books about childbirth. I’m ready to sit down during nap time with a good fiction novel and tap into my imagination.

+ Organize photo folders for a baby pictures | Like most modern parents, our iPhones are already packed with pictures of our baby in endless poses that differ one from the other only by the slightest twitch or nod. I want to eliminate the possibility of drowning in my photo stream by creating a folders on my computer where I can drag and drop favorites. Then I’ll *gasp* delete the rest. And fingers crossed those favorites will become a baby album by next summer!

+ Finish my knitting for Eli | I thought I was going to have another week at least to complete this project before Eli’s arrival but he had other plans. So this month I’m going to enjoy knitting without rushing and take my time loving up each stitch.

Ah, it’s July already! Happy new month everyone! It’s gonna be a good one. 🙂


3 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. Andrea Karsh says:

    Natanya,, I’ve enjoyed your blog and I am honored to share in all your perceptions and joy in life. Congratulations on the birth of Eli. How lucky he is to have such wonderful parents and so many people who love him and who love you. I am sending hugs, Andrea Karsh >

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