view from the von Trapp lodge []Grateful is a new Thursday blog series highlighting the things I am grateful for this week. My intention is to take the time to notice and acknowledge the contents of life that bring me feelings of joy, connection, or just make me feel upbeat. It is well known (and well documented) that maintaining a gratitude practice can lead to greater joy and well-being. I hope this series inspires you to think about what you are grateful for this week, as well.

♥ Eli’s little smiles which make his grimaces bearable

♥  A super supportive husband who drives 12 hours purely for my sake

♥ FaceTime for making it easy and fun to connect with faraway family

♥ Eli sleeping well, eating well, and being an all around easy baby

♥ Morning coffee in my new favorite (locally made!) mug

♥ A great group of local friends

♥ Having extra thank notes on hand to respond to all the gifts Eli is receiving

♥ Making it through coaching training with Eli in tow

♥ Placenta pills (help me recover from sleep loss and make me feel well rested on just 5 hours!)

♥ Sunny days after summer rainstorms


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