A Blanket for Eli

I’m so excited to share this baby blanket FINALLY. Phew.imageimage

After finishing a knitted blanket for the baby of friends I decided to knit one for my own little babe. I started it this past the spring figuring I had plenty of time to complete the project before my delivery. Well, that was a sweet thought… it took a lot longer than I expected and I wasn’t sure I’d ever complete it!


The pattern I chose is deceptively simple. I say that because though I had never knitted from a pattern before once I learned the knitting shorthand the process was a snap. But the real challenge was keeping track of all the changing stitches! Each row was so different from the last that in the beginning I had a lot of trouble finding my way. For the first third of the blanket I probably ended up taking out as many stitches as I put in!!

image image

I knit at home and on the go, making progress, then taking out row after row and starting over again. It was a great meditation on letting things be just as they are. And a wonderful way to pass the time imagining the little person who would take up space beneath the stitches.


And here he is. This little bundle all wrapped up in so much love. The finished product came out a lot smaller than I expected. But perhaps that is because I didn’t finish it until a couple months after Eli was born and he’d already grown so much in that short time. All that matters is that this heirloom is complete. I love it, and I think he does too. Ok, knitting needles, what’s next??



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