Capsule Wardrobe – Winter 2015

Winter capsule

After Eli was born my wardrobe was all over the place as my body adjusted to its new normal. I was still wearing some maternity items (ahem, pants) while incorporating more of my regular wardrobe (allll the shirts!!).

It was a joy to befriend some of my pre-pregnancy gear but I found myself at odds with how to organize my closet. Given how quickly my body was changing week to week,  it was hard to shop or fill the holes knowing that something may or may not fit later that same month!

Nursing was also a new maze to navigate. Some old items I had always loved I soon discovered were totally impractical for nursing a new babe. Back to the box they went. So the summer was a wardrobe “free” month in which I wore what fit and learned how to make nursing a non-issue.

But, dear friends, a new season is upon us! And with that I decided it was high time to return again to the idea of a capsule wardrobe.

The name of the game this season is warmth, warmth, warmth and to identify what uniform makes me feel best. I already have a good idea but I’d like to refine it further. I had a jump start when earlier this fall some friends and I hosted a super fun clothing swap and I came out with so many fresh goodies that fit both my style and needs. And they were all free! A happy scenario indeed.

So, here is my official winter capsule, 41 items in total including tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes. I left out major outwear like my parka and cold weather jackets as well as yoga clothes, and pajamas. The one item I would still like to add is a pair of stylish, warm snow boots at a reasonable price.

Tees – 8

White T

Craftsbury General Store T

Blue V-neck T

Navy T

Gray T

Gray Sorry I’m Late T

Black T

Black V-neck T

Shirts – 6

Black 3/4 Turtleneck shirt

White 3/4 Stripe shirt

Black long sleeve shirt

Black henley shirt

Red zip shirt

Plaid flannel

Sweaters and jackets – 10

Embroidered sweater

Black sweater

Black/white stripe sweater

Green wool sweater

Red cashmere sweater

Mustard swing sweater

Green fleece

Brown heather sweater

Gray hoodie sweatshirt

Green puffy vest

Bottoms – 7

Black leggings x2

Brown leggings

Jeans medium wash

Jeans dark wash

Jeans black

Navy corduroys

Dresses – 3

Navy/white stripe maxi dress

Teal/white stripe dress

Teal fancy dress

Shoes – 7

Green hunter boots

Hiking shoes

Brown zip ankle boots

Brown laced ankle boots

Brown fuzzy lined ankle boots

Black danskos

Brown tall boots

Snow boots*




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