As You Are

as_you_are.pngLast night I spent an unnecessary amount of time scrolling through my Facebook photo albums. Honestly, I can’t even remember what prompted it. But the visual reminder of people I’ve known, places that I’ve been, and memories I hold dear was somehow soothing.

More to the point, I came to realize how much my perspective has shifted in the 10 years since I posted those first photos. Who I am now and how I see the world is in some ways radically different. And it should be! This isn’t a “Eureka, I’ve discovered that things change!” kind of thing. I mean, obviously, right?

More so it’s a joy to discover how much compassion I have for the 20 year-old who just wanted to find her way. And the 21 year-old who was brave enough to test out a few paths. And the 22 year-old who adventured onto one that changed her entire life. And the me in all the years from then until this point looking back.

I wonder what the me in 10 years time will see and believe about me now? Compassion, certainly. And I hope, pride too.


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