Grateful for...

How about a little Thursday gratitude on Sunday? Sure why not. Anytime’s a good time for some warm fuzzies.

Thursday I was down with a major headache and nausea but today is a new day! It’s amazing how easy it is to find things to feel grateful for after a rather screwy day. Indeed I am incredibly appreciative of how well my husband cares for me when I feel ill (thanks, babe!), for how my body tends itself in recovery, and for all the myriad ways my body functions to support optimal wellbeing, day in and day out.

And would you believe it? Its in the 40s-50s Fahrenheit here!! UNREAL. This time last year it was in the upper 20s, low 30s. It might have even reached 0 at one point. Other than hoping for a white Christmas for all my Christian friends, I’ll happily agree to an unseasonably warm December.

Other small loves this week:

peppermint hot chocolate • FaceTiming with family • mystery maple syrup delivery • Chavurah Hanukkah party • latkes! • baby giggles • making plans to host friends from out of town • co-working with a new mom friend • day care accommodating Eli for more hours • planning our new years card • designing a new website for my employer • working out and feeling SO energized (why is that always so surprising?) • Taco nights • coffeeeeeee

I just realized how many of these are food related. Hmm…

Hope you are having a great weekend!





2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Betty Reuben says:

    The mystery maple syruo is no mystwry it’s with love from grandma and grandpa. I love you Glad you are stong and energetic love Grandma

  2. ashleighkinsey says:

    Ha! I’m grateful for many “food things” LOL! Glad you are feeling better. Just wanted to say hi. Kiss baby Eli for me!

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