A Letter to My Son: Seven Months

Eli at 7 Months

Dear Eli,

Seven months old…You are at a great age, Eli. I love this age. You are so present and charming and fun.

Whenever someone sees you for the first time they can’t help themselves but to be drawn to your sweetness. They will comment on your handsome face and auburn, reddish hair and tell me that you are the most beautiful baby they’ve ever seen. I’ve got grandkids, they say, but he’s cuter! Of course I agree with them. It would be rude not to!

Eli at 7 Months

You are quick to laugh and spend a solid portion of the day finding reasons to giggle. Your giggle is my most favorite sound in the whole world. I will do almost anything to get to you giggle. But nothing makes you laugh as easily as when Nana puts her head down and lets you feel her hair. You go crazy for her hair! So I had to try it. And…my hair is hilarious too!

We can play peek-a-boo now, and read books–well, I read them, you chew them. CorduroyDr. Seuss, and Baby’s Day are in frequent rotation. When we’re not reading you are playing with your small collection of toys. We’ve placed a basket of them to keep you occupied at the breakfast table and you take them one by one and throw them to the ground. There goes the wooden ring, Sophie the giraffe, the orange chew Q, and all the others. Even the basket itself isn’t immune. Is that really super fun, Eli? I don’t understand it (yes, gravity still works, yup), but I dutifully pick them up and put them back in the basket for you to throw again. And again. Somehow I feel that this scene especially grants me entry into the hallowed halls of Parenthood. So thanks for that.

Eli at 7 Months

But, honestly, there isn’t anything  that I don’t adore about you. Even when you’re upset. Sure you fuss but you always try your best to express your displeasure in a way that we can understand. And I am doing my best to learn your language of coos and grunts and yelps. You’ve just started to babble and it is The Best. Just the other day Dad and I spent a good couple of minutes mimicking your sounds purely to amuse ourselves. Of course we sounded ridiculous–not at all cute. You’re cute. You’re so stinkin’ cute! When you’re not babbling you’re sucking on your lower lip or blowing air bubbles all while making these silly noises. It just kills me.

When you’re not making cute noises you are trying to eat our food. You’ve taken an interest in whatever we’re doing, drinking, eating so we’ve started to give you some food to explore. So far you’ve loved avocado, homemade hummus, smoothie, applesauce, bananas, and mashed potatoes. You don’t have any teeth yet but that doesn’t stop you from gobbling up whatever food you can get your hands on. It’s so fun to suddenly realize you’re in the middle of a growth spurt or taking a developmental leap. I thought I might be overly nostalgic for your infancy but I’m so bemused by the wonder of it all that I’m eager to be present with what’s happening in the now.

Eli at 7 Months

Sometimes when I wake in the middle of the night and look at you under moonlight I am awed by your tiny-ness and largesse all at the same time. You, this tiny human, there beside me…growing…right. this. second. It’s incredible! I’m learning again something so very valuable as your face lengthens and thighs thicken. I’m reminded that the most miraculous of changes occur one small step at a time. Baby steps. You’re my best reminder that a small, daily effort leads to colossal change over time. Its the best advice I could receive right now.

I’m so grateful. I love you, little Eli.

Love forever,





One thought on “A Letter to My Son: Seven Months

  1. Betty Reuben says:

    Just looking at the wonderful pictures of Eli now seven months old fills me with such delight. As Joe and Grandpa look at him they too are admiring him. What a happy loving child. And of course a wonderful mama who lets him know how loved he is grandma

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