Model the Work First


At WholeHeart, we help folks find new portals for accessing their innermost wisdom. Whether that looks like discovering new tools for self authorship, or finding ways to become more mindful in work and life, we use particular methods and activities to shepherd people towards their own homecoming.

It’s vital to this work we do that we model the work ourselves.

There are many pithy sayings that speak to this. You may have recently heard some:
+ Be the change you want to see.
+ Teach what you want to learn.
+ Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting another.

Implicit to this is that we are using the tools on ourselves and actively engaged in a search for our own inner wise woman.

In a WholeHeart workshop, there is always time made for spaciousness. We make sure to offer participants an opportunity–or two or three–to explore deep parts of themselves by scheduling in open spaces and open time. Both have the desired effect of loosening the knitted knots in one’s heart. We never try to pull or tug someone into a place of renewal. How absurd! To use force to move someone into a state of grace? And yet, how many times have we fallen into the habit of letting the inner Drill Sergeant control how we come home to ourselves? You can’t command peace. You must allow it.

The question then becomes, what do I need to do to be in a state of allowing?

Ah. That’s the work. That’s what my colleagues and I must model. This doesn’t necessarily mean we should actively process our personal stuff in front of others. More so, when I have gone to the deep places in myself from doing my inner work,  I can go to deep places with you, too. If I take time to be quiet and listen for what arises, I won’t be afraid of what you might discover in your stillness and you will be more trusting of what you might discover inside yourself, too. As a guide, I can share what I’ve uncovered during my journey but more importantly, as a facilitator, I can be trusted with yours.

To teach is to learn. To show is to go. To model the work I must be willing to navigate what’s uncharted in myself so that I can show you my map and help you find your own way home.


2 thoughts on “Model the Work First

    1. Natanya Bittman says:

      Thank you, Grandma! It is always nice to know that the message is not just received, but also felt. I love you.

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