Two years!


On June 14th Simeon and I celebrate our second anniversary!

Two years ago we flew out to California and said our “I dos” in front of our closest friends and family. It was magical. Absolutely magical.

One year later Eli, our son, was born. And here we are this year with an almost one-year old! Which begs the question, what will next year bring?

To be married was always a goal of mine. And now to be beyond the first year and it’s associated honeymoon phase is quite something. I am proud of my marriage and happy to be where I am in our relationship. While I’ve been considering our two-year milestone I’ve been thinking a lot lately about something related: what is marriage really for?

Today, modern men and women no longer need to be married (though of course, this is up for debate); certainly many more couples choose not to marry than ever before.

In centuries past, marriage was critically important for political and economic reasons. It was the only way families and communities could be viable. And still to this day, any sociologist will argue that at the core of our political and economic viability is the marriage institution.

So, when two people stand together in front of their community and commit themselves to one another and the family they create together, what is it they are committing to exactly? And more curiously, why?

This is something I’m still pondering; I would love to share more thoughts with you about my answer soon. In the meantime, I’m going to go celebrate two solid years with my hubby with some good food and good drink.

While I go do that, enjoy some of these fun photos from our wedding. All shots by superb photographer, Heather Elizabeth.





2 thoughts on “Two years!

  1. Betty Reuben says:

    So I asked your grandfather what he thinks marriage his answer” Marrieage is a relationship between two people. It continues the feeling of that relationship with the other person.. It is more Importent to me then any thing else. I agree , the essence of a marriage is a spiritual contract the speaks to the love and everlasting commitment that each partner gives to the other. It becomes the strength and foundation of their very being . Love y ou dear heart and congratulations on two years!!! Next week, June seventeenth you can congratulate Grandpa and me on 67 years and still loving it Grandma,,

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