Grateful, Then and Now

I just came upon this old post I started writing around this time last year. Eli was about one week old and I was feeling full of love and appreciation for my life.

It’s a treasure to come upon now as I celebrate a one year old and all the things that are still so true: a community of wonderful friends, a happy healthy baby, an amazing partner, and the love and connection of our extended family. Gratitude for all this and more wells up in me as I look at this sweet little person, so tiny and new; unaware then of what wonders were in store for him in the days that followed and what joy he would deliver to us all through his sweet, innocent existence.


imageI’m sitting here filled with deep gratitude for so many things that have helped make life wonderful this week. Things I want to remember… I’m grateful for:

My mom who came to help and has helped immeasurably. From cleaning up after us to making dirty dishes disappear to treating everyone for nagging allergies, she’s been an incredible support.

A community of friends who lined up to feed us healthy homemade (and delicious!) dinners to the point of overabundance. Everyone should be so lucky.

A tidy house.

A happy easy baby.

A husband who offers to change a diaper, soothe the babe, or bring me water before I can ask.

The sweet generosity of family whose gifts are treasured and whose tender well wishes are.

If I am left wanting it is for nothing as meaningful as these.




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