Currently – April 2017

Staying up way past my bedtime. It’s nearly midnight I can’t sleep. What’s a lapsed blogger to do? Write a blog post!

Listening to kid music–we’ve just discovered Bryant Owen on YouTube and Amazon Music and I think Simeon and I appreciate the new tunes more than Eli!

Scheming a few weekend getaways. Having just returned from Sacramento we’re looking at Vermont, Cape Cod, Connecticut, and Boston next!

Healing from one form of illness or another. Eli has had his fair share of whatever’s been going around (and sharing it with his poor parents) and we’re doing what we can to try to take care of it all for good.

Drinking lots of water (and coffee). I recently found out I am way too dehydrated (I know the coffee doesn’t help) so I’m trying to compensate with lots more water. It’s hard!

Trying to cook more. I found a new cookbook I’m obsessed with called Sugar Detox Me and I love all the recipes and meal plans. Now I only need to up my cooking skills and perhaps we’ll have dinner!

Enjoying the spring weather. It was actually 80 degrees today!!! I hardly believe it myself. We enjoyed a lovely and slow family day and spent a fair amount of time outside soaking up the sunshine and sitting on our sun porch as afternoon fell. Perfection.

Delighting in Eli’s growing vocabulary. Today he said “popcorn” for the first time. It’s amazing to say something to him and suddenly hear it parroted back in his adorable little voice. I don’t doubt we’ll be hearing sentences soon.

Preparing for a podcast launch. Yes! I’m working on a podcast show all about living an intentional life and expect to have the first few episodes ready for your ears this spring. (!!)

Decorating our new home. I went to my first tag sale of the season on Saturday and scored a two plant stands and a cute decorative pillow.

Basking in the love from our visit to California for Passover. We enjoyed being with family so much and Eli was a total trooper through all the traveling. I’m so grateful!

Enjoying an afternoon with family at the Sacramento Zoo



One thought on “Currently – April 2017

  1. Betty Reuben says:

    lovely hear from you even if it is amiidnight blog. I hope you are all well san sounds as if yo plans for visits are just right. Hugs and kisses to all of you e specially Eli grandam

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